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#1 Tool To Help Overcome The Fear of Blogging

Grammarly LogoAre you a person who grits their teeth when starting new ventures? Just like others, it took a few years before I decided to take the blogger’s dive. I knew my aim. I had several thoughts going through my mind, but I knew how I wanted to present the message in blog form. Getting the message on paper with precision was the issue I faced.

Fear like with most got the best of me. I was afraid my sentences would not come out correctly. I was afraid to share my content publicly. Just from reading other blogs and comments critics can be harsh, but the desire to help others outweighed my fears.Thanks to the use of helpful tools like Grammarly and connecting with others it has made the journey a little smoother. Grammarly is like one of those best-kept secrets in a blogger’s toolbox. At least in my toolbox, it has been very helpful. It’s also a tool I can use outside of blogging.

When you work from home, it’s easy to slack off. Presenting content in a professional manner is important because you want to maintain your readers. Because I blog for the purpose of helping others and I’m working toward earning to pay off my student loan debt, this is like my baby. So I take it seriously, but again I like blogging for fun.

The next time you need help with your resume, paper, or proposal, Grammarly is only a few clicks away.

What fears have you faced either starting a blog or writing in general? I’d love to hear. Please leave comments below.

Sending big thanks to Grammarly for giving me the opportunity to write this sponsored post. 

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