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20 Valid Work From Home Companies

Has your dream been to work from home? Well, it looks like more and more companies are jumping on the bandwagon to offer this great benefit to their employees or potential new employees.  Most of these opportunities are full-time. If you just happen to have a full-time job and you need to supplement your income to help you with your student loans or you don’t have a job, I’ve provided a few companies who offer part-time/flexible schedules.

What I learned in my work from home journey is that there are tons of companies out there who are just looking for people to work for them from the comfort of their home. I can count the times I’ve run into a work from home scam on my fingers and I think the reason people sometimes run into scams is that they aren’t sure how to search or they are looking for quick fixes when it comes to working from home. To help you avoid that problem, here’s a list of 20+ legitimate work from home companies currently hiring.

In an effort to make your search just a little easier, I’ve shared either what the company is hiring for or how to search their career site for work from home opportunities. Some of these I found via Google search, I also found some on ZipRecruiter which I later found out that shouldn’t be there because they don’t allow companies to post work from home opportunities, and the others were shared via word of mouth.


Granada – This is an insurance company. They are looking for qualified customer service and sales agents.

Liberty Mutual – Type in remote or work from home in key word search

National Interstate Insurance – Currently hiring for several different opportunities.


Anthem – Search under remote or work from home

Humana – Search under work from home, remote, virtual, or telecommute

HCA  – Type in work from home.

Customer Service/Sales 

Amazon – Currently hiring for customer service representatives

Capital One Currently hiring in select states for work from home Customer Service Agents.

Disney  – Type in work from home in the search page once you get to careers to see if they are hiring work from home agents in your state.

Asurion – Currently seeking work from home agents who are bilingual.

Transcom  – This company is currently hiring customer service agents.

Arise – Click the career section tab for direct hire. If you are looking to become a contractor, please use 263369694 if you would like to join existing IB in the network, or you can create your own call center business. Please use referral code: 365177 in the CSP ID section along with Shavonne Kennard as the referring agent. Arise does not contract with individuals in the following states: California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, New York and Oregon.

Convergys – This company is currently looking to hire Customer Service work from home representatives.

Skyes – This company is currently looking to hire Customer Service agents.

World Travel Holdings – This company is currently looking for qualified Customer Service and Travel agents.

TeleTech – Join this company’s talent network. They are currently hiring for a few different work from home positions.

Verizon – Currently hiring Customer Service Representatives to work from home.

Hilton – Place a check mark in the work from home selection under “narrow search”.

Other Areas 

Kaplan University – Type in work from home in the keyword search.

AKS – You will need to send an email sharing interest. This company is located in Georgia, but this is your first time here and you are looking for something similar, all you have to do is go to Google and search for They hire individuals to make calls for donation drives.

USAJobs – You might just be able to catch jobs as a Claim Assistant, Veterans Service Representative, or with the EEOC. – If you know how to transcribe data or great at data entry this might just be the company for you.

Again there are tons of other companies hiring individuals to work from home. You can find even more just by talking to others, conducting your own searches, or visiting recruiting sites.

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