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5 Valuable Lessons Student Loans Taught Me

As like many others, I’m not working in my field of study simply because life happens.  I’m not sad about it because I made the debt, now it’s time to pay it back.

Although life happens, so do the payments for student loans if you choose to take them out to pay for an education. Student loans don’t have to get the best of you or your pockets.

I’m just like most individuals who had a dream and full of ambition. I thought l would land this amazing job paying six-figures and ride off into the sunset.

Some people probably read this and laugh and say you dummy,  but isn’t that the American dream we were sold as young teenagers and young adults? We were told to go to school, get a job, and that’s all she wrote…That’s not true because at the end of college if you didn’t manage your finances correctly, you end up with a large bill. (Unless your parents took care of the bill, you didn’t have a need for loans, or you paid your loans while in school.) How many people do the latter right?!

Students loans have taught me quite a few valuable lessons along this journey:

  • Education can be overrated.
  • Attending college isn’t a bad thing, but definitely be mindful of the student loan trap.
  • Learn what you can while you can and specialize in a specific area of study while attending college.
  • If you have loans, there are options you can use to help you pay them back.
  • Loans don’t have to make you feel like life is being choked out of you.

I guess when you have fun racking them up, you should have just as much fun paying them off.  Join my mail list to find out other lessons I’ve learned along this student loan journey.  

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