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Is There Really A Such Thing As Instant Cash Online?

I come across individuals quite often who have a desire to earn cash instantly.  You’re reading this blog post for one of two reasons; you either want to earn cash now or you want to see if there is such a thing as instant cash. 

I want to put the idea of “instant cash” to rest. There is no such thing as “instant cash.”  Although people like to think there is, there is no quick fix to earning cash online or paying off debt. As with any new venture, it takes time. There are a few apps and sites you can use to start earning cash online. These sites either require you to complete tasks or send referrals who complete tasks as well.It can take as little as 20-minutes if not longer to receive payment.  As you can see, instant isn’t so instant after all. You still have to do work. If you would like to start earning extra cash, check out the following sites. 

Capital One 360  gives you the opportunity to earn cash by referring friends and family to open up a simple saving or checking account. You have to have an active account prior to sending over referrals if you desire to earn extra cash in your account. (Right now this program is on hold until further notice. It happens. Keep checking back for updates.)

You can earn $20 for each referral.  It takes about 20 minutes for funds to show up in your account. The cap is $1K. Who couldn’t use an extra thousand bucks right? This is also a great way to save funds so you can put toward student loan debt or for a raining day. Capital One 360 is a great account because you don’t have the easy access to funds as you would with your regular everyday account. So, consider this your stash money.

Free Eats is a site which gives you the ability to earn extra cash for surveys and referrals. Each individual you refer, you will earn $1.00. Surveys generally pay $.25 or more. Payments are sent directly to a connected PayPal account. (Be sure to approve your PayPal account via the link information sent to your mobile devices after signing up with FreeEats in order to receive your payments.) It takes 24 to 48-hours for the payment to show up.

Unfortunately, FreeEats referral program closed July 28, 2016.

QuickRewards allows you to get paid for completing surveys, watching videos, shopping, printing grocery coupons, and more. You can cash out with as little as $.01 in your account to PayPal. It takes 72 -hours for the cash to show up. 

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a part of Amazon. It’s a place where business owners search for people to complete simple tasks. Although you might not immediately earn thousands, it’s a way to earn a few extra bucks.

Save With Surveys is another survey site. You can earn $5 just for signing up. Funds are deposited into a connected PayPal account or can be cashed out via Amazon gift card. Surveys are sent out quite frequently. You must have $5 to cash out. You have 30 days to redeem cash. If cash is not redeemed, it goes back to Save With Surveys

Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

Clickworker is a site which pays once you reach their $10 threshold. It’s not as instant as people might think, but they do pay. You get paid to complete short tasks. If you are within the US, your account must reach $10 in order to receive payment. PayPal users are paid once a week between Wednesday and Friday. Those who choose to connect their bank accounts will receive payment between the 7th and 8th of the month. If the payment date falls on a holiday, payments will be sent the following business day. 

Here are two oldie but goodies sites; Express & Double Freebie You’re probably wondering, “what is a Freebie site?”  Freebie sites are referral based sites. They give you the opportunity to earn when someone opts in and makes a purchase and earns a credit in their account. Now the opportunity itself is older. People have moved on to other ways of earning online. These sites helped me to learn a lot about the internet, business, and more. 

Feel free to join my mail list. I’ll tell you what I learned once I found out about these sites. 

If you would like to ask specific questions, don’t be shy. I would like to hear from you. 

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