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90 – Day Meal Planning Journey

I’m sure you all are wondering where I’ve been and why I hadn’t posted. The first 2-weeks of July, I was fighting allergies and sickness. In an effort outside of prayer, I decided to work on a full 90-day meal plan to help lose weight and also cut my budget even more. If you plan your meals, you can determine how much ahead of time you will spend when you take your trip to your local grocery store or market. To create 21 meals you should not have to spend more than $50 in the store to feed a family of 3 to 4. Now just imagine eating out the cost for one individual…Breakfast would cost on average about $5 to 7. Lunch and dinner cost about $10 to $15 per meal.

So, I wanted to share my journey and few meals with you along the way.  I’m not an expert, but I can share what’s going on in my kitchen for this short window.

It’s been said it takes 21 days to form a habit. Well if I formed bad eating habits, wouldn’t it work the same to form good habits…You think?!

In an effort to get a grip, I took a trip to my local Wal-Mart and purchased the following items to help me keep track of this journey.

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    Index Cards

   Index Card Box

   Colorful Tabs

I’m the type of person who has to visually see something and then write it down. If I can’t see it, I will not stick to it. There are times when I still get off track although I have a plan written, and I have to go back and try it again. I’m human right?!

So, my plan is to share snippets of this 90-day meal planning journey along with my progress over the next few weeks.

How I’m Getting Organized For the Journey…

I purchased 100 multi colored index cards.  I started with week one and I labeled each card Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner along with the day (ex. Day 1).

I decided to do this by the week because it gives me a smaller window to work with instead of trying to conquer writing out the entire 90 days. I figured it would also help me stay on track that way.

After writing out my index cards, I then wrote out my grocery list.

I also had my trusty savings app handy because I wanted to see where I could also earn cash back as well. For those who coupon, this is a great way to plan ahead as well.

Off to shopping, I went…

Peak into Day 1

Day 1 – 90-day meal plan journey. #breakfast #grace_is_over #moneysavermeals

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Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to grab a snapshot of my lunch, but it consisted of a homemade salad.

Day 1 – 90 – day meal plan. Lunch was salad #dinner #grace_is_over #moneysavermeals

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You’re probably wondering if I had snacks in between my meals…

I was really battling sugar withdrawals, but I curved the desire with some homemade cereal bars. I got the recipe from Inspired Taste.  I altered the recipe just a bit. I used peanut butter instead of brown sugar and vanilla extract. The idea to add peanut butter was just my personal preference.

Today I’m battling a nagging headache, but I’m certain that’s because of the elimination of sugar and my allergies. Overall, I feel great!

How do you plan your meals? Do you plan ahead or do you decide in that moment?

This post includes affiliate links. If you click the links and make a purchase, I will earn a commission.


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