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Are E-bay & Amazon Good Places To Make Extra Cash?

A few months ago after watching other YouTubers share their success stories,  I decided to test out Ebay. I thought why not just give it a shot. So, I did! E-bay is not a bad place to start making cash especially if you don’t want to go out and bother your friends or family to buy your products if you are involved in a direct sales opportunity or if you just don’t feel like going out soliciting clients period.  In all of the excitement, I started selling on eBay and thinking how this was a great way to earn money towards my student loan debt.  After seeking advice from other YouTubers, it was suggested I start selling on Ebay as a hobby and then branch off into making it into a business as time progressed. 

Day 1 – 7:  I was filled with excitement… 

Day 8 – 11: I started clearing away the clutter. 

Day 12: My First Major Mistake on Ebay…

I sold a few items and made money, but I realized I wasn’t making as much as I thought I would because the shipping cost, eBay, and PayPal fees were starting to add up. Now don’t get me wrong there are people who sell on Ebay and Amazon who make quite a bit of cash. 

Day 13: Where’s My Extra Cash? By day 13 of selling items on eBay,  I was thinking how I really could just gather all these items together and have a yard sale. 

After looking at the things I had in my closet and the shipping cost, I realized eBay and Amazon are great places for re-selling items you purchase wholesale or you purchase thrift for little to no money at all (aside from power equipment). Amazon is also a great place to sell via their Amazon Associate program as well. 

If you sell items lying around your home, a yard sale might just be the best option or some other source.  That way you aren’t giving away extra money in fees you could be saving. 

To be totally honest, my overall eBay experience wasn’t bad. It helped me to declutter my closet. It also helped me to regain and adjust my focus back to my blog and regroup. All wasn’t lost. 

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Have you ever used eBay or Amazon to sell items? What did you learn?

By the way, Amazon does offer other ways to earn by selling your own products, but Amazon Associate Program and actually selling on Amazon your physical or digital products are not the same.

This post is associated with Amazon Associate account. So if you use the link provided and purchase an item, I will earn a commission.

13 thoughts on “Are E-bay & Amazon Good Places To Make Extra Cash?

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think both Amazon and Ebay can provide a good earning platform, as long as you know what you’re doing. Of course, reputation there is very important. You need to be well trusted before someone would want to buy from you.

  2. I have never tried to sell my products on either of those platforms, but I did try to monetize my blog with these sites and didn’t get quite far. The return is very low.

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