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Don’t Be Lazy: 10 Simple Work From Home Tips

This may seem random, but it’s absolutely not. You will definitely understand why these tips are here once you join my mail list. I call them tips, but they are more like general understood implied rules in the work from home world…

Okay… I talk about student loan debt on this blog, but I also share different ways individuals can start the process of earning extra cash to help down student loan debt. One thing I talk about quite a bit is utilizing real life work from home opportunities. 

Well here are a few rules you want to follow when considering working from home. Some of my good friends on Facebook got a kick out of a few of them, and I think you might as well.  So, here goes…

#1. If you are a business-owner never hire family members. (They like to bypass the rules.)

#2 Major corporations will can you, so will work from home companies. (Why shouldn’t they, right?)

#3 Always read the full job description. (Just like major companies want to see if you can read and write, so do work from home companies.)

#4 Be consistent and committed. (I’m learning this one the hard way when it comes to blogging.) 

#5 Be on time.

#6 If a company requires you to have a certain type of equipment to complete a work from home task, make sure you have it. (Don’t show up to work unprepared.)

#7 Never tell a company what you will not do if it is your ability to do it. (You never know if  other opportunities hinge on your advancement.)

#8 Do not make excuses for your behavior, just be honest. Stand on your moral compass of ethics you were taught in grade school or at some point in life.  (Companies still abide by codes of conduct. And we all know we were taught ethics at some point in our lives…)

#9 Don’t show up to an interview unprepared. (If a company requires you to watch a video or complete a task prior to an interview, do it.)

#10 Make sure your child isn’t screaming in the background while you are providing service to a customer

Of course, there are lots more. Maybe one day I’ll put them in a book. “100 Ways to Stay Employed Working From Home or something like that. LOL..That’s if the title isn’t taken …We will see. 

Back to our conversation. If you ever have any question in mind on how to conduct yourself within a work from home environment here goes…

Conduct yourself, in the same manner, you would in a company outside your home. So, now that I shared a little bit of information, feel free to join my mail list to get more insight about different work from home opportunities. You may not be looking for ways to pay down student loan debt, but joining my list might help you find a way to earn extra cash from home. 

Working from home is a part of my student loan journey. I’m learning new things every day.  As I discover more, I hope to share it with you. 

Thanks for taking time out to stop by :-).

Until next time!!! 


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