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Get Organize With Blogging

Sometime ago I started using a cool little tool I thought was awesome. I got away from using it because I like to do things manually. Completing task manually are great except for when you are trying to do tons of different things at once and you’re online one person or you have other goals and deadlines you’re trying to meet.

I got an e-mail from a fellow blogger while off during Hurricane Irma. In her message she mentioned a tool she used to save time. I’m familiar with the process of save time like the use of automated systems, Pomodoro technique, and setting timers. I have gotten away from some techniques because again I like to do some things manually, but I also lacked time to just sit down. The funny thing was she shared the exact same tool I had use before and I know it works. It’s called IFTTT.

I don’t care if it’s blogging, paying student loan debt, paying bills, or other task online. There are tons of tools out there that can make your life online and offline if you are a business owner or just a busy person on the move.

The app she shared and the app I was using before is called IFTTT “If Then Then That.” This site can help you plan out your weekly and yearly schedules and keep you on task daily. Because she rekindled my thoughts with the IFTTT, all I could think was how I really need to put my social media platforms on auto-pilot. I’m somewhat organized, but I need to kick thing up into full throttle while I focus on some other task that are pressing at the moment.

I could use an online calendar as a reminder, but again IFTTT helps you put more than a calendar together . Because I’ve used IFTTT before, I know how beneficial it was to me. The great think about the site is I can intertwine my social media postings and become more engaging without having to physically be online. ┬áIt’s like a personal assistant without the overhead. Why I didn’t back to using this soon gang, I have no idea what I was thinking. The e-mail got me moving, and IFTTT is back on my radar.

Here’s a short video where I share a little snippet of how IFTTT works.


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