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Is Envelope Stuffing Worth The Money?

I’m sure you all have heard about “Envelope Stuffing“. There are tons of ads that run through the paper which uses verbiage like:

“stuff envelopes, send cash for a kit.”

“stuff envelopes, make $1000 a week”

or here’s one

“stuff envelopes quit your day job.”

Send money, a thousand dollars to stuff envelopes, and quit my day job? You’re kidding me, right?

I get asked quite often if stuffing envelopes is a legitimate way to earn money from home or online. I’m all for people making extra cash to help them pay towards their student loans or just debt in general, but stuffing envelopes is not one that I would suggest unless it’s through a reputable company.

Here’s what I mean I mean when I say reputable.

I worked for a local insurance agent in my area. They actually had a girl they paid to stuff envelopes for their agency from home on a part-time basis.  I’m not sure what she got paid. The days I worked there as a telemarketer, I probably stuffed about 200 to 300 envelopes if not more each time I showed up for work. I worked part-time, so you can only imagine the amount of mail going out of that place on a weekly and monthly basis. It was also done by hand and not by a machine which most companies do have nowadays.

If you just want to see if companies will pay you to stuff envelopes, I would suggest visiting your local insurance agencies, payday loan places, real-estate companies, or similar types of establishments because these are the types of companies who generally send out bulk mail or at least from my own personal experiences.

How much could a person make stuffing envelopes?

If lucky, I can only imagine a person would set their rate at  $.05 to $.20 per envelope. The rate would need to based upon the company’s budget as well as the individual being able to turn a profit for their time and effort. I’m sure companies probably wouldn’t pay more than that to get outside help to stuff envelopes when they have employees who they can just as easily pay to do the job within their set office hours.

With that being said, there are tons of other ways you can earn money online without falling into the trap of sending money for an “envelope stuffing starter kit.”

One way you can start earning money is to become a freelancer with Fiverr. (If you click the link to join Fiverr, I will earn a commission to use towards the purchase of Gigs on Fiverr) 

If you would like more information about how to get started on Fiverr or ways to earn,  join my mail list for more information. You will receive tons of information on how to earn extra cash from home.

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