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My Recent Cash Discovery

It’s been a few weeks since I made my last post where I shared my e-Bay and Amazon findings. Before I have a yard sale, I thought it would be great to find other alternatives to sell my excess items.

As I was going through old baby clothes, I started posting items on social media for sale. Then I did what I normally do, I started searching on the internet for ways to sell items without extra fees.

I came across two retail stores. One of the stores was called, “Once Upon A Child” and the other store was called, “Plato’s Closet.”

If you’ve never heard of “Once Upon A Child,” they buy and sell baby items. The items don’t have to be name branded, but they have to be in excellent condition. When I visited the store, I dropped off 2 large containers.   I left the store. When my items were ready for pick-up, the cashier sent a text message letting me know my items and cash were ready. The process took about 40 minutes. I ended up leaving the store with $60 in my pocket and almost the same amount of clothes I took in.

It appears the items they choose to purchase depend on their need and what they believe will resale fairly quickly. They give 40% of what they will sell the item. So, I was pleased simply because I still walked away with my two large containers of clothes because only took out a small amount because they were already pretty much stocked during the time I went. So, I still have items I can sell elsewhere or even in my yard sale to make even more cash.

“Plato’s Closet” on the other hand is more of a young adult or adult clothing store which buys and sales clothes, shoes, and jewelry. I have not visited the store to sell any items yet, but they are next on my list.

Both stores can be found throughout the US or their sister stores which are Style Encore, Play It Again Sports, and Music Go Round. These are great stores to both sell and purchase affordable items as well.

If you don’t have a store in your area or you want more information about places you can sell your items, join my mail list. I share different ways to turn your skills or items into extra cash.

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