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Save Your Way Out of Student Loan Debt

I’m so excited to share this post in hopes it might help someone else in their student loan journey. This past week, I was thinking about creative ways to cut cost while still being maintaining a normal life. 

In looking at ways to cut cost, I took to Google and started searching methods on how to do Do-It- Yourself projects. 

The first stop started with me determining areas where I spend extra cash.  I don’t spend money often for spa treatments. Whenever I do it adds it up. The most recent event I participated in was for a good cause, but I cringed every single time I swiped my card. All I could see were the receipts adding up. To cut cost going forward, I decided to take a trip to Dollar Tree to purchase items for mani, pedi, facial, and teeth whiting.  I spent all of $9 opposed to spending $110 for a salon facial, mani, and pedi treatment alone. Of course, the teeth whitening is only a treatment in between regular treatments, but I thought it would be good to still do that as well. Baking soda was only a dollar so I thought why not?! All the other ingredients I needed I already had at home. 

Just calculating my annual cost alone, I will be saving a few hundred bucks.  I am most happy about for the savings alone.

As I find other ways to cut cost, I will definitely share those with you throughout my journey.

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Until next time, happy savings!

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