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Shop Outside The Box

I recently took the liberty of visiting a local shop in my area. I went in search of shoes for my baby. I walked into the store with high hopes of finding a nice shoe at an amazing price.  During my search, I found a great shoe. The price, on the other hand, wasn’t so amazing. They were $24.99, and luckily for me, they didn’t have his size. Could you imagine my devastation?  I really wasn’t devastated at all. I was actually relieved. You’ve got to understand my thought process. when it comes to shopping.  

My husband was with me. He asked, “why not just order them from the kiosk and have them shipped to the store?” I walked over to the kiosk to make my selection. As I was standing at the kiosk, I start thinking “what are you doing?” I’m sure I’m not the only person who has those moments when you’re standing in the middle of the store rationalizing your actions. I looked over at my husband and said, “I’ll order these online.”

Don’t get me wrong; you can find some amazing bargains in store. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around paying full price for a pair of shoes this child is going to grow out of in a few months. 

I went online the same day to check pricing, but I still wasn’t quite satisfied. So, I waited a week to check online to see what good deals I could get. When I checked the shoes had dropped from $24.99 to $16.99 with FREE shipping to the store. I was able to use E-bates to earn 3% cash back. I know 3% isn’t much, but it was worth it. My overall savings was $6.47 which may not seem much to others, but that’s definitely savings I can put back in my pocket.  I also earned 17 points on my Rewards card which puts me only 12 points away from earning $5 towards my next purchase if I choose to use it. 

I’m learning every day to think outside the box about my shopping and savings experiences. What about you? Do you have a recent savings experience that saved you a nice chunk of change? Please leave a comment below. Don’t forget to sign up to receive more information from Grace Is Over.

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