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Why Couponing Isn’t For Everyone

We all have those friends that try to get us to follow suit in what they are involved in. One of my good friends has tried to get me to coupon for the past year. I’m the type of person, you have to write it on paper and I have to rationalize it before I do it. It’s just how my brain works. If I don’t understand it, I tend to revert back to my old spending habits.

I’ve tried to coupon several times at my local grocery store, but it has never worked.

I tend to look at the store brands and they end up being less than what I would have purchased something for had I used a coupon.

 Apparently, some people get a thrill out of couponing, and my friend is one of those people. She always talks about the FREE stuff she gets on her grocery shopping experiences.  So, I’m always asking her, what I’m doing wrong. Her answer has always been you have to look at dates, sales, the store shopper pamphlets, and a few other factors. 

I don’t have time for that, but there are people who actually do this all the time.  It is also one of those things that can help you save money toward your student loan debt as well because the less you spend in one area, the more you can invest in another. 

I’m more into the internet and digital apps like Ebates and Ibotta.  If you give me a retail store coupon and Ebates or Ibotta to go shopping, I’m all over it (just not the grocery store).

 When it comes to going to the grocery store getting FREE items with coupons and putting money back in my pocket, I find it hard because I just don’t have the patience.  I remember my first coupon experience like it was yesterday. I walked into the store with my coupons well organized and when I got to the items I was looking for, they seemed overprice. I thought to myself, why would I pay more when I can get the store brand or something comparable at a lesser price. 

Funny thing though..My friend is an awesome couponer; however, she hates online apps and websites which give her the ability to earn cashback like Ebates and Ibotta

I don’t have the patience to clip coupons, she does! Neither do I have time to hunt down deals. I can put that gas back into my student loan pot. (Just saying) 

Don’t get me wrong it apparently works, I just don’t have the patience.

Do you coupon? If so, please feel free to leave some pointers. Hopefully, I can benefit as well as from those who stop by to read this post.  

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